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Bianca Beauvais
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Bianca is based in Las Vegas. With proper notice, she is also available for domestic travel.

 Bianca is one of those rare gems who exemplifies how beauty is brains. She possesses the ability to be as much a girl's girl as she is a guy's girl all the while remaining authentic to who she is. She enjoys anything physical like rowing, hiking, circuit training, swimming, skiing, snowboarding, fishing, and more but she also adores being pampered and pampering others in exchange. A generous and caring person by nature, Bianca loves to surprise people with thoughtful little tokens of appreciation. Her non-judgmental attitude and general acceptance of others as they are makes her approachable and relatable despite her innumerable physical attributes. Blessed with great genetics and a drive for hard work, she has forged a successful modeling career that has afforded her the luxury of extensive travel and opportunity.

Bianca has lived in a few different countries in such disparate regions ranging from the smallest of villages to the hustle and bustle of major metropolises. This has awarded her a sense of respect for all culture and the true beauty in diversity. A true modern-day romantic, she enjoys bringing out a natural confidence in those with whom she surrounds herself. As a passionate dance enthusiast, she appreciates all forms from Salsa to Tango to Waltz. Having studied various forms of dance for years, she eagerly scouts her travel destinations for upcoming festivals and performances by anyone from ballerinas to Tibetan dancers. Her sense of adventure is contagious and her laugh infectious!

A few of her interests lie in benefit organization, fashion, makeup artistry, design, architecture, beach bumming, music, nutrition and fitness, photography, the sciences, and all forms of art. She enjoys winding down by playing the sax (tenor is her favorite sound), practicing yoga, and designing menswear, suits in particular. As a bonus, she can handle your oil change if necessary but you'll owe her a manicure!

Bianca is happy to take the lead or be led and she does not feel the need to be the center of attention. She speaks English and French fluently and speaks conversational Italian as well. Her poise and natural elegance make her ideal for any and all speaking engagements.

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Aston - August , 2010 ...

New York City

My afternoon with Bianca was exceptional.  She is a natural beauty who radiates great warmth. I felt a longing passion for her from the minute I looked into her stunning eyes.  She is exquisitely: elegant, sensual, and has a natural unassuming grace that is demure and effusive at the same time.  Experiencing Bianca’s personal energy, sensual charisma and attentive, pleasure seeking charm is irresistible.  I kept thinking that I was with my favorite girlfriend of all time, but no girlfriend took me to the limitless frontier Bianca took me to. I cannot imagine of a more ultimately satisfying surrender to longing and desire.

M - June 2010 ...

Santa Monica

Bianca is utterly charming and an easy conversationalist.  I felt comfortable with her from our first moment together.  She is, as well, stunningly beautiful -- take your breath away beautiful.  My time with her was an indescribable whirlwind of interesting conversation and playfulness.  Bianca exceeded exponentially my every expectation.

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